What doesn’t work about the traditional design process?

Traditionally, design projects span over the course of several weeks to months because your designer is working on other client projects at the same time as yours.

This old way of doing things means that your designer is spending an hour here and 30 minutes there to complete your project.

Because of the nature of design projects, when doing multiple projects at once, timelines can shift and hours can stretch out because the designer is splitting their time between multiple projects.

It is a proven fact backed up by research, that multi-tasking in this way is much less efficient.

Just about everyone who has ever worked in an office job works this way. But almost every other service-based business does not!

Those in the following industries focus on one client at a time. They make appointments with them to focus on their needs. Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, Hair stylists, MUAs, the list goes on.

The client and the service provider make an agreement via booking, to meet for a common goal and get the job done within a designated discrete amount of time. This is what we bring to you! Dedicated, focused attention on your project!

Can I just pay you an hourly rate?

Hourly rates are the perfect way to pay a freelancer. But we are not freelancers at Ivy Studios. Sites such as Fiverr or Upwork allow you to contract freelancers for an average of $15-$90/hour.

We have built a business that strongly values support, service, and connection with our clients.

We use the appointment model instead of an hourly model and several things go into our pricing structure.

  • Business expenses
  • Software
  • Licenses
  • Time spent on the frontend and backend of your project
  • Healthcare, taxes & retirement for our talented team

How does the appointment model work?

Every project follows the same workflow:

  1. Project Briefing Call: This is our intake meeting where we get to know you (if you’re a new client) and/or get to know the needs of your project.
  2. Book Your Workday(s): You’ll get an all-inclusive contract and you book the time to complete it. It’s just as easy as booking an online class.
  3. Homework: The collection of all the assets (text, photos, content, etc.) that we need to build your project.
  4. Project Kickoff Call: This is our chance to discuss all the materials and our plan before we begin the work.
  5. The Workday: You aren’t physically or virtually present while we work. We just ask that you are available via phone, email or text in case we have questions.
  6. Edit Rounds: Almost every project needs a second pass or feedback phase. This gives you time to sit with the work and pull together edits.
  7. Delivery: After edits, we finalize your final files/assets and send them to you along with any support documents or training that your project requires.
  8. Project Debrief Meeting: For larger projects we like to check in with you to be sure you can use all assets.
  9. 30 Days of Support: We are your creative partner, so we make ourselves available to any followup questions you have. This support is included in your contract. If you find yourself needing extra help, ask about our ongoing support services!

“I’m a part of the process the entire time and it feels good to be in the loop.”

-Chris Richardson of Vital Solutions

Some projects still take longer than others. We can always adjust the length of the appointment to fit the project. The bottom line is: We’re holding each other accountable for setting aside the right amount of time to focus and attention.
If you’re excited about working this way or want to know more, drop us a line at info@ivystudios.org or book a Free Q&A call. We can’t wait to hear from you, chat with you about your business goals and get on the road to getting your brand and business out to the masses.

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