It’s official, Ivy Studios is now Bravo21!

We provide the same branding and web design services, however, we now only partner with non-profit or mission driven organizations or individuals. Making a difference in the lives of others is a core value that we live by, we applaud those who are working for the greater good and those are the partners we look to build long term relationships with. 

The name Ivy Studios changed to Bravo21 so that the company’s name better reflects it’s purpose. “Bravo” represents the applause and accolades that our partners deserve for the selfless work they do. “21” represents the number of years we have been in business as well as the year that Bravo21 became official.

It is the mission of Bravo21 to empower non-profit and mission driven organizations to make social impact through branding and digital transformation.

While we are finalizing our exciting transformation, we’ve paused on accepting new partners but will be ready to accept new partnerships in August of 2021!


Current Non-Profit Partner Websites